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Modular Building

Products - Round Column Formwork

For concrete forming of round/circular columns

1. made of two semi-circle film-faced plywood
2. plywood edges have slots, so two half-circle plywood can join seamlessly
3. fixing: one piece of steel belt with screw every 300mm (steel belt width 32mm, thickness 1.2mm, screw diameter: 12mm )

1. Wood: poplar
2. Glue: WBP/melamine waterproof glue
3. Length: max 3000mm per piece, two and more pieces can join for different heights
4. Thickness: 15/18/21mm
5.Diameter: 300mm-1600mm, such as 300/400/500/600/700/750/800/900/1200/1400/1600mm, etc.